Art at Lisdillon

Art of all forms have been a feature of the Lisdillon homestead since the Cottons took over almost five decades ago. The family’s love and keen eye for sculptures, paintings and drawings is clear with their home and each of the Lisdillon cottages tastefully adorned with items from their expansive collection.

Over the years, there have been many artists who have portrayed Lisdillon in different forms, inspired by rugged coastline and serene landscape.

The Kerry Gregan Artist’s Retreat

Late artist and close friend of the Cottons, Kerry Gregan, was especially inspired by Lisdillon spending much of her time in the hut, relaxing and painting her surroundings. Kerry Gregan died in 2007 and in memory of her, Crispin and Jane refurbished and renamed the hut, The Kerry Gregan Artist’s Retreat (The Gregan Retreat).


The Artists Program

The Gregan Retreat is a peaceful space and it is the family’s hope that the Retreat continues to inspire artists young and old  to drive and nurture their passion. To support the creative community, The Gregan Retreat is available for free for artists at certain times of the year. To enquire about the Artists Program, please contact us.

Art inspired by Lisdillon


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